“I know what it’s like to financially struggle. I have a God given gift to understand a person’s financial challenge, develop a practical plan of attack, and hold his or her hand throughout the process, to achieve the goal.”

  • Certified Financial Coach
  • Real Estate, Stocks & Crypto Investor
  • 10+ years of coaching experience
  • I have helped clients:
  • Generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional income
  • Completely eliminate their debt
  • Start investment portfolios and begin to generate wealth

The People’s Financial Coach, Personal Finance Influencer, Financial Pastor

Kelvin Dickerson has coached thousands of millenials, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and artists about Personal Finance, Investing, Wealth and Start-Up Business Building. Kelvin hosts a popular Personal Finance show on Instagram.

In his early twenties, Kelvin began investing in real estate and pursuing various entrepreneurial endeavors. He read lots of personal finance and investing books, and attended many start-up bootcamps. At one point Kelvin had amassed a real estate portfolio of nine investment properties and had launched and ran seven different start- up businesses. Today, amidst his many successes and failures, Kelvin has accumulated nearly two million dollars of assets in Real Estate, Stocks and Cryptocurrency, and is super passionate about teaching others how to do the same.

Kelvin is a Certified Financial Coach and an expert Cryptocurrency Investor. He was an early investor into Cryptocurrency and has coached hundreds of beginners on how to invest in the space. Kelvin is a big believer that within the next decade, Cryptocurrency and Disruptive Technology will create the largest number of new young millionaires that the world has ever seen.

Kelvin’s life-long mission is to help Millennials to become financially literate, invest, build wealth and start businesses. He and his wife are Co-founders of AbundantLifeU, an Los Angeles based non-profit focused on teaching entrepreneurs, artists and creators practical life skills to succeed.

Kelvin is also passionate about fixing the “Broken American College System and Student Loan Crisis” that leaves many young people graduating from college with a ton of debt, financially illiterate, and ill prepared for the real world. Kelvin is currently working on launching an alternative school for young people, teaching them crucial 21st Century Skills and educating them how to achieve the American Dream in this tough, new post pandemic world. Kelvin is a graduate of Howard University and served in the U.S. Army. Kelvin also took continuing education classes at Fuller Seminary.

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Kelvin Dickerson

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