“I know what it’s like to financially struggle. I have a God given gift to understand a person’s financial challenge, develop a practical plan of attack, and hold his or her hand throughout the process, to achieve the goal.”

  • Certified Financial Coach
  • Real Estate, Stocks & Crypto Investor
  • 10+ years of coaching experience
  • I have helped clients:
  • Generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional income
  • Completely eliminate their debt
  • Start investment portfolios and begin to generate wealth

The People’s Financial Coach, Personal Finance Influencer, Financial Pastor

Kelvin Dickerson is a Certified Financial Coach and has helped thousands of Entrepreneurs; Christians; Artists; Millennials and Gen Zers; and Families to get out of debt, get their finances on track, build wealth, and save for their children’s college. 

Kelvin is super passionate about using biblical principles, and spiritual and practical wisdom to help people drastically transform their finances. Kelvin often refers to himself as a “Financial Pastor” because he believes that God called him to care for and minister to people who really need help with their finances. Kelvin emphatically states that he doesn’t just give folks financial advice, and then leave them to sort it out on their own, like a lot of Financial Advisors and Personal Finance Social Media Influencers. Rather Kelvin is a Financial Coach, and actually walks alongside people, coaching and holding their hand as they take baby steps to turnaround their finances.

Kelvin is no stranger to financial hardship. He grew up in a household where his father filed for bankruptcy three times. He has vivid childhood memories of the utilities at his home being turned off and a car repossessed, because of lack of payment. 

In his early twenties, Kelvin began investing in stocks, real estate and pursuing various entrepreneurial endeavors. He read lots of personal finance and investing books. At one point, Kelvin had amassed a real estate portfolio of nine investment properties and a nearly a million dollar investment portfolio. Kelvin even has his own testimony of financial failure and hardship, and how God helped him pay off $500,000 in debt in 6 years.

During the COVID pandemic, Kelvin and his wife, Film & TV actress, Edwina Findley Dickerson hosted a popular personal finance Instagram show called #FinancialFridays that were watched by tens of thousands globally.

Today, Kelvin is focused on helping the Next Generation to become financially literate, invest, build wealth and start businesses. He and his wife are founders of AbundantLifeU, a Los Angeles based non-profit focused on teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Kelvin worked in Corporate America for 15 years and served in the U.S. Army. Kelvin is also a graduate of Howard University and took continuing education classes at Fuller Theological

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